A smartphone does more than keep you in communication with others. The various apps and programs help you with many essential tasks. Being without a smartphone can be difficult for people in Moon Township, PA, and modern Hyundai automobile tech design makes sure you can still use your smartphone in the car. Hyundai smartphone integration technology allows for smoother and safer use of the device.

What Kind of Smartphone Systems?

Not surprisingly, the system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both Apple iOS and Google's Android are the top operating systems for smartphone users. iPhone and Android phones are the preferred devices, and Hyundai made sure to make their new vehicles able to work with both. The operating systems have to be relatively new ones, though. Only iOS7 or Android 5.0 and beyond work.

Connectivity Made Easy

You need not be a tech wizard to connect to the system. All you have to do is connect the smartphone with a USB jack. Once connected, you can access your apps via the touchscreen. You might not even need the touchscreen if the system works with voice operation, such as Siri. "Speaking" to the smartphone would allow you to engage apps and features in a hands-free manner. Those preferring to keep their eyes on the road may opt for voice control.

Using the Hyundai Digital Key

With an Android smartphone, there's another feature you can take advantage of: Hyundai Digital Key allows you to use the smartphone to lock/unlock the doors and even start the engine. Take this as another way Hyundai makes the driving experience in Wexford, PA and Pittsburgh, PA easier thanks to technology.

Consider signing up for the Hyundai Blue Link Mobile App service. The service provides remote operation features that not only involve locking/unlocking and starting/shutting off the engine. You can access horns and lights, too.

Charging the Smartphone

Of course, you know you must charge the smartphone as it loses battery power. Did you know Hyundai offers a wireless Qi charging platform? Don't worry about plugging in hard-wire cables anymore. The streamlined wireless option is available.

See for Yourself at Moon Township Hyundai!

Stop by Moon Township Hyundai in Moon Township, PA to take a look at Hyundai models and their smartphone features. Whether you’re in Aliquippa, PA or anywhere in Beaver County, PA, take a test drive while here, too.

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