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New 2021 Hyundai Tuscon Inventory in Moon Township, PA

The 2021 version of the Hyundai Tuscon is the final model of its generation. In 2022, the Tucson is due for a full redesign. That's sure to bring with it a significant increase in price, so this is a great year to get a new Tuscon. The 2021 Hyundai Tucson has many features, great performance and handling, and good value for your money. Overall, the Tucson is a standout in the compact SUV segment, and the 2021 model s a fitting end to the current generation. If you're searching for a small SUV, then the Tucson is worth a look.


There are two different engines available in the 2021 Tucson. There is a base engine with an optional upgraded engine available on some of the trims. The base engine is a V4 that is rated for 161 horsepower. That's good power for an SUV of this size, but if you want to feel some more force behind your acceleration, then think about upgrading. The more powerful engine gets 181 horsepower, and it is also a V4. As far as gas mileage goes, the base engine will get 28 miles per gallon on highways and 23 in cities-perfect for commuting from Wexford to Aliquippa. The upgraded engine is slightly less efficient. For both engines, you will get a very cushioned ride that insulates you from the bumps of the road. You will be happy to have this when you are on the highway or a road that isn't maintained well. The automatic transmission is a six-speed model.


The Tucson has a long list of six trim levels. That is a lot of customization. The base trim is the SE. It exemplifies the Tucson's great value with a longer list of features compared to other SUVs in their base trims, and it costs less. Those features include a touchscreen seven inches across plus smartphone connectivity software. The next trim is the Value, which adds some driver assistance and comfort features. The third trim is the SEL. The SEL has the upgraded engine and a few extra touches, but the engine is the real draw. The Sport trim builds on the SEL with some luxury elements like wireless charging and an upgraded sound system. 

Next comes the Limited. It adds on even more, like leather seats and a system of cameras to help you park. The top trim is the Ultimate. It has a sunroof, adaptive cruise control, heating and cooling for the front two seats, and more top-shelf features. If you don't want the upgraded engine, then you are probably fine with the SE, because it gets you so much for a low price. If you want the engine, then things get a little more complicated, and it comes down to how much you value all the extras in the upper trims.

This generation of the Hyundai Tucson is coming to an end. Its 2021 model is the best of this generation because the feature list is so generous. You should take careful note of all the different configurations because they are all good value for money. Think about which set of features is most attractive to you. The most important feature to decide on is the engine. Then you can work out which trim to get and whether you want to add anything to it. Check out how the Tucson compares to the competition then try out the Tucson before you buy it by taking it for a test drive. That's the best way to narrow down which engine feels better to you.

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